Build a Web Performance Culture

Show how site speed affects conversion, see how much extra revenue can be made, and get your team excited about web performance.

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Prove that speed is worth focusing on

Blackbird tracks highly accurate speed metrics and conversion data for your visitors, so it can help you prove that faster visits are more likely to convert.

Visits with a faster-than-average LCP are 25% more likely to convert, with a conversion rate of 4.41% vs 3.44% Data is statistically significant

See how much you're leaving on the table

Blackbird tracks site speed and conversion metrics for your actual users, so it can work out how much extra revenue can be made from improving web performance.

Based on the last 7 days, we've predicted how much additional revenue would be gained by improving Largest Contentful Paint by 500ms.

Each Week
+ £18,184
Each Month
+ £78,797
Each Year
+ £945,568

Weekly email reports keep everyone in the loop

Keep web performance on everyone's radar with weekly reports emailed every Monday morning, showing whether your speed metrics are moving in the right direction.

Web Performance Alerts

Track what's important

Blackbird tracks modern metrics like Google's Core Web Vitals, but you can also track your own custom metrics. So if you want to keep track of how long it takes for your first product image to load, for your logo to render, or anything else you can think of — you can.

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Common Questions

How is this different to Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is great - we love it. But it works by running one test, and tells you what your site speed metrics look like for just that one data point.

In reality your visitors will be on different devices, screen sizes, different connection speeds, in different locations - and will be seeing different site speeds as a result. One data point won't give you the full story when you have hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Blackbird tracks the site speed metrics for all of your visitors - down to the millisecond - so you'll have a much clearer picture of how fast your site really is.

How does it work?

Blackbird is a lightweight tracking tag that you add to the site. It captures metrics like SSL connection time and Time To First Byte, as well as more frontend focused metrics like First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint and JavaScript CPU time - and it does this for your actual visitors, so you can a true picture of your page timings.

You also need to add a small piece of code on your Thank You page so that it can register that a user has converted, and what the order value was. This let's Blackbird tell you if faster visits have a better conversion rate, and tell you how much extra revenue could be made from making site speed improvements.

Does the tracking tag have a performance impact?

All JavaScript tags will have some impact, but we've worked hard to ensure ours has as small an impact as possible. It's less than 5kb, served from a CDN, and loads asynchronously. It's not on your critical path and won't delay rendering - and we also fully support deferring the tag, so it only has a minimal impact.