Site speed monitoring built for ecommerce

Blackbird monitors how quickly your ecommerce site loads for real users and tracks your sales data to show how site speed affects your revenue.

Track Lighthouse data

Compare your site speed to competitors using data from Lighthouse. Blackbird automatically stores data like Time To Interactive and Largest Contentful Paint so you can measure your web performance against others.

Track Lighthouse Data

Measure site speed for real users

Not everyone sees the same loading time for your site. People on fast devices and better connections will have a better experience than those on weaker devices and slower connections. Blackbird measures the actual page load time for every visit to your site, so you get data you can trust.

Real User Monitoring

See how fast visits perform better

You've always heard that faster visits convert better, but now you can see the data for yourself. Blackbird tracks the difference in conversion rates and basket sizes between your faster and slower visits, and tells you when the data is statistically valid.

Sub 3-second mobile visits have a conversation rate of 3.62% vs 2.43% Data is statistically significant

Load Time vs Conversion Rate

Sub 3-second mobile visits have a conversation rate of 3.62% vs 2.43% Data is statistically significant

How much is 1 second worth to you?

Blackbird tracks revenue data for all of your fast and slow visits, so it can use your actual sales data to project how much additional revenue could be gained by improving your site load time.

In the last 7 days, we've tracked £495,212 of revenue for Acme Co.
We've projected how much additional weekly revenue could be gained by improving site speed.

100ms Improvement
+ £12,300
500ms Improvement
+ £46,750
1s Improvement
+ £52,410

Put revenue figures against suggestions

Blackbird pulls in your Lighthouse recommendations and uses your actual revenue data to predict how much each suggestion could make you, so you can build a case for improving performance.

Properly Size Images

Serve images that are appropriately-sized to save cellular data and improve load time.

Lighthouse Reported Savings
2750 ms
Blackbird Predicted Savings
920 ms
Estimated Weekly Revenue Gain
+ £6,440

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